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PATH General Information:

What is PATH?

The PATH system is a rapid transit system which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It travels between New York and New Jersey, providing a vital link between the two regions for commuters, tourists, and other travelers.

PATH Stations

PATH includes 13 stations (6 in New York and 7 in New Jersey). All of the stations are open every day of the year 24 hours a day. You can ride between any two stations either directly or by making one transfer between lines.

Most of the stations are located underground (only Newark and Harrison are above ground). Not all stations have elevators or escalators. The midtown Manhattan Stations (Christopher St, 9th St, 14th St, and 23rd St) have only stairs to access the station. Keep this in mind when planning your trip. All other stations have escalators and elevators (except Grove Street which does not have an elevator).

At the station, you'll find signs that tell you which platform your train will arrive at. It's necessary to know the end destination of the train since that's how the signs will guide you. Some stations only have a single platform for all departing trains (Newark, Grove Street, Christopher St, and 9th St).

Fares are paid by either SmartLink card or MetroCard at a turnstile. All turnstiles accept both types of cards. If you're using a SmartLink card, you simply tap the card against the circular space on top of the turnstile. If you're using a MetroCard, you insert the card into the turnstile. The turnstile will then read the card and return it to you. Remember to remove the card before attempting to go through the turnstile.

PATH Routes

There are four routes that make up the PATH system:

  • The Newark-World Trade Center route is the longest route in terms of mileage. It connects the urban center of Newark, NJ to the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan via downtown Jersey City.
  • The Journal Square-33rd Street line is a very busy route which connects Jersey City to midtown Manhattan.
  • The Hoboken-World Trade Center line is a short route which connects Hoboken to lower Manhattan. You can connect with NJ Transit commuter rail trains, light rail, and buses at Hoboken Terminal.
  • The Hoboken-33rd Street line uses the same track as the Journal Square to 33rd Street line, except that it begins from Hoboken Terminal (the only stop in New Jersey on this line).

These four routes operate during weekdays between 6:00AM and 11:00PM. During other times (including all day on weekends), the Hoboken-World Trade Center line does not run, and the Journal Square-33rd St and Hoboken-33rd St lines are combined to form one line (Journal Square-33rd St via Hoboken). The Newark-World Trade Center line runs with no changes.

Each line is represented by a color on the route map. However, the lines are not referred to by their colors. Instead, the end destination is used. For example, the Newark-World Trade Center line is not referred to as the "red line". The trains are instead called "Newark Trains" or "World Trade Center Trains". The conductor or automated train voice will announce the end destination for the train at each station. Signs in the station will also direct you to trains by their end destination.

PATH Trains

PATH runs various types of train cars, some dating back to the early 60s. As of mid 2011, most trains now run with new PA-5 cars. These cars have three sets of double doors on each side of the car to allow for easy boarding and deboarding of the train at the station. Generally, trains are only in the station for about 15 seconds.

While on the train, remember to hold on to a pole while the train is moving. Trains often make sudden starts and stops and sway from side to side. Names of stations will be announced by the conductor or automated train voice prior to arrival.

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